Toronto Admin Lays Down Law on Show-Me-Your-Vaccine

We are pleased to share the following news of a crisis that has occurred in the City of Toronto.

Until further notice, city staff have suspended all its administrative staff in regards to “Show-Me-Your-Vaccination.” All administrative and supervisory staff have been asked to sign and return a form attesting to their obligatory receipt of the Supreme Court ruling of 2015 that states: “Parental permission does not automatically grant a child the right to receive all vaccines. Rather, there must be parental consent or an exemption, and that consent must be obtained from a physician or other health care provider.” In other words, the 2011 Ontario Provincial Government policy of making Alberta the “sandbox” where any family can decide to only vaccinate their children for some vaccines is “under attack,” and all administrators have been instructed to not provide any assistance to any residents on “Baby-ID” (Baby ID

IS NSW PUBLIC HEALTH TESTING OUR BABY’S [email protected] — DW (@DeafDale) January 4, 2019

This is to remind you that I would NEVER use this language to describe ANY other country. I realize there are very serious problems in this country, such as minefield red zone, that need to be addressed by governments, so to reference these issues without caution is sadly inappropriate.

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