The most popular man on TikTok is nowhere to be found. Here’s why.

As the general manager of a popular private investigative agency in Iceland, Thon Arnarsdottir spends his days and nights trying to solve puzzling crimes and get to the bottom of nefarious schemes.

But the 22-year-old is no thrill-seeker. He only began on TikTok as an afterthought a few months ago, and in a country of just 600,000 internet users, Instagram is just one of a half-dozen platforms in which he operates. So when Arnarsdottir was invited to join one of TikTok’s unofficial competitions, he promptly ran and hid.

Though it only required a few photos and a quick selfie in front of a flame (or, in the case of Arnarsdottir, the landmark of a pond), he fell in love with the platform. And the 15,000 followers he earned in about two weeks didn’t go unnoticed. Because no TikToker can afford the $37,000 he commands, he’s now been flooded with video requests and broadcasting requests.

Here’s what it’s like being the most popular guy on TikTok:

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