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The Government of 2 Austrians States, Including Salzburg, the City of Vienna and Westfaliaen, has at the request of Salzburg Police confirmed, under its effective concentration of power, the new emergency and search procedures governing the police in all of its 20 districts. The chairman of the government has revoked the previous temporary security and search procedures and decided, after extensive consultation with the Interior Ministry and the Vienna-Probabilisim authorities of the Vienna administration of Public Safety, to accept, for the existing districts, the existing emergency procedures written into the “Constitution” of 2 Austrians States.

In connection with Salzburg, and in accordance with the measures fixed by the representative government of 2 Austrians States, including Salzburg, with due referegation to the Austrian Constitution, the Central and Home Security Commission of 2 Austrias States, which are responsible for the protection of public safety in that City and of Austria as a whole, has coordinated the measures under the new arrangements with the representatives of the Salzburg City Municipality and that of Westfaliaen, in compliance with the directions of the Government of 2 Austrians States, until the respect for human rights is restored.

The main consequences of the emergency procedures are those that shall be applied at the municipal level in the following way:

1. The official interior officers of 2 Austrias States and Vienna shall communicate to all municipal police departmental authority concerned with security as follows:

– In the day-to-day supervision of buildings or grounds;

– In the presentation of city security measures;

– From the municipal administration, where it may be needed or desired;

– Upon request, of the attorney general.

– The coordination of the implementation of measures under these restrictions, which must be guaranteed by the adequate access of municipal police to buildings or grounds in which they are necessary, and the provision of clearly outlined instructions for the police in these areas.

Consequently, it is planned that from the time the new measures become effective until the reinstatement of liberty, or the return of the unitary law of Vienna, the municipal police will be satisfied with the following directives:

– Officers in the municipal police department to organise and implement at the building or grounds of the municipality the following measures:

a. Direct vigilance against acts of resistance, trespass, and crimes;

b. Sedition (such as meetings of the left-wing sympathisers in municipal premises), vagrancy (the movement of persons beyond lawful limits), resistance to the authority of the police in keeping the general public in order, possession of large and unsuitable quantities of drugs, manufacturing and possession of firearms, and trafficking in firearms (foreign and not having a Verbögg).

c. Pursuant to the measures issued by the State of Austria, there shall be no powers to use firearms against any person or group of persons.

d. Prosecutions or confiscations of weapons (unpaid fines shall be decided on by the courts, first of all), export or re-export of unlicensed firearms, sale, manufacture or possession of any other weapon, and building or furnishing of a structure with an unarmoured front.

e. Offences for which personal responsibility must be at least six months, with several years, and with the punishment of prison.

f. Convictions from a prison sentenced in the Delegated Authority for destruction or damage, or for alteration or recovery of property.

g. Sentences of a detention or detention length of six months or more against a citizen convicted of habitual acts of arson.

h. Efforts to prevent vandalism and sabotage, and similar efforts directed at damage and danger to the safety of public buildings, railways and streets.

i. Efforts to prevent illegal sales of ammunition or incendiary components.

j. Efforts to prevent accidents or attacks of vehicles.

k. Efforts to prevent trafficking in firearms.

l. Efforts to suppress any acts of violence and violence-filled gatherings.

2. Salzburg mayor Erwin Bosch will be at the city police station for an hour every day in which the presence of he and his assistant is necessary and will be charged with inspecting the implementation of the measures and making corrections, taking note of and thereby advising the City authorities.

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