Racism In Chicago: Anthony Yarbrough (R/DACA) Talks With Fox32 Reporter Tracee Wilkins (10/28/19)


Ray’Sheese Cotton and Country Harmony vocalist Loretta Runkel ‘s song, “Sold on Ooo-oo-one Highway” played as jurors in the Rittenhouse Street Police Officer is charged with the voluntary manslaughter of Josephus Eggerichten who was shot by officer William Ellsworth during riots in Kenosha , Wisconsin on Jan. 27, 2016 . The trial ended with the not guilty verdict, and now claims remain lodged against law enforcement over the unrest after the verdict.


With police, protesters, lawyers, activists and officials in downtown Milwaukee , 12 journalists and the rest of the courtroom entered a long side room where Judge Nicholas Stamatski permitted instant interviews with reporters over the past two days.

Detective Anthony Riches of the Milwaukee Police Department told the jury an officer, Sergeant Troy Jensen, entered the middle of the riot and shot and killed a Black man, Lavontae Crouch , who was shot while running away from officers, prompting a series of officer-involved shootings which killed other African Americans. Cichell Crouch, the 34-year-old man who died in custody , was hiding under a police cruiser, Riches said, when Jensen, who is Black, shot and killed him.

Riches, who is White, told the jury, “we have a bad relationship with the Black community.”

Riches told the court the officers who fired the shots, Officer William Cammack and Sergeant Dwayne Perkins, were Black. Officers Lori Marcus and George Krueger, the third officer who shot Crouch are not Black. The one officer of color in the trial – Detective Adam Berg , who fired the final shots of the night – was identified during the trial by the judge as being White.

Riches also disputed the indictment for Officer William Ellsworth , who shot and killed Josephus Eggerichten Jr. , moments after an arrest report was mistakenly sent to a water utility, igniting dozens of hours of rioting. A witness, a firefighter on the scene, identified Ellsworth as the officer who shot Eggerichten.

Milwaukee police have said the process was delayed by an overload of information, not by a bug in the computer system.

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