Paul Rudd says age discrimination stopped him from carrying on with make-up

Paul Rudd has found the perfect strategy for keeping himself looking so young – he slays make-up. The 51-year-old actor, who currently stars in Paul Feig’s new film A Simple Favor, said he first began using make-up at an early age to assist him in keeping himself looking young.

But he gave up trying to keep up with the demands of playing faceless roles once he won roles that depicted his age. “I used to do tons of make-up and try to stay a certain age for some of the leading roles,” he said. “It got to the point where it was like ‘Let’s just let my real age be and hope that it gets in the can,’ and luckily it did.

“It’s really just genetics and your age. I think I lucked out,” he said, laughing. “Because then, my real age began to be … well, the seventh character I played was my mother, so I felt like I was back in my twenties.”

Hollywood’s major studios are often keen to fill their cast with younger actors who can cut down the costs of replicating faces for use in the same roles. According to Hollywood Reporter, films featuring 38-year-old Bradley Cooper, 41-year-old Tom Cruise and 46-year-old Chris Hemsworth are some of the main stars that producers include in their casting script based on their age.

Even otherwise established actors in their 50s, such as Tom Hanks, often find new roles specifically written for them based on how close their age aligns with their desired role.

Nevertheless, Rudd doesn’t intend to ever stop aging. “I’m a true believer that the skin you play is the skin you’ll always have. The problem is, you have to be lucky enough to be one of the few people on earth who are blessed with an amazing skin,” he said. “I’m completely obsessed with keeping it as good as it can be.”

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