Now that NASA has shut down Hubble, they’re going to try and fix the space telescope again

This afternoon, NASA reported that the Hubble Space Telescope was in safe mode again, extending a six-month outage and shortly thereafter, the space agency ordered it shut down for good. However, NASA told us that mission managers are working on a plan to repair the optics on the spacecraft.

UPDATE: As of 12:00 a.m. ET, Hubble is back in safe mode.

Here’s NASA’s official statement:

The Hubble Space Telescope is currently in safe mode in the aft section of the spacecraft. Hubble is sustaining an internal issue with its optics. The spacecraft is stable and the scientists on board are in contact with NASA and the European Space Agency mission controllers on the ground who are managing Hubble’s orbital operations. Mission controllers will continue to monitor the condition of the Hubble.

NASA and the European Space Agency are in discussions to try to refurbish Hubble’s optics. The telescope is believed to be on its last legs.

NASA and ESA have struggled to keep the spacecraft operational and safe. An ISS crew member died trying to fix an instrument on Hubble in 2010.

The Sun is, of course, providing the brightest light over Washington right now.

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