Inside the boring bike lane painted for bicycles on busy Toronto street

City workers recently painted a spot for a bicycle lane on a Toronto street. However, they may have also planned on making it the ideal parking spot for city drivers.

“It’s a poor decision by the city,” Raj Lala, a public relations specialist, told The Guardian. “It’s about 90% full every afternoon and will most definitely draw people onto [unmarked] streets, where they would usually go.”

Robbery victim Bernadette Vega knows firsthand the frustration caused by the newly-painted space.

“Some drivers just park in it even though it’s totally reserved for bikes,” Vega told The Guardian. “There were two parked on the road side this afternoon, and someone had placed a $20 ticket next to the bike light. I think they were targeting it just because it’s on a busy street.”

Canadian media also report that the spot, just west of Metcalfe Street in a strip near both Queen’s Park and Honest Ed’s, was left un-painted in 2009 after the idea of a special bicycle lane failed to gain widespread support in the city.

Although the new bike lane that was designed for cyclists was first approved and funded by the provincial government in 2016, it has yet to be built due to a dispute between municipal politicians and the Canadian province of Ontario over who would foot the bill. Citing financial pressures, provincial government officials later agreed to pay half of the cost of the street’s upgrade but they also warned city leaders that they would still be responsible for moving any painted bike lanes in the future.

No luck so far.

You can watch a city worker ready to paint the spot live on the BBC.

Read the full story on The Guardian.


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