Emma Thompson on skydiving, theatre and her new book

I am always thinking of something I need to do and the only way to do it is to get out of the house, that way I don’t have to talk to someone when I’m trying to get something done. So I like to go the library and look at the books on the board in the window. When I read a book I think, “OK, that’s what I’m doing today.”

I love anything to do with archery. Being able to do it free time, that’s another reason I love it. When I’m really busy and playing a sport there’s too much going on so being able to do it for hours, for any time you want, is a really wonderful thing. I used to go to Big Bear quite a lot in the winter.

I’m always looking forward to new projects or learning something new. I just like taking part in everything I can. I learned how to play the piano at school and then after I left, I realised that that wasn’t for me but it’s still a joy to be able to do something. I like to get involved in things that are a bit different, like skydiving or stunt flying.

When I’m trying to look after myself or be near food or needed for my career or my job I’ve always loved to cook or eat. I love to cook and eat things, I love to read about cooking, about eating, whatever. I’m not there to try and entertain myself with people, that’s not the reason I’m there. That’s my work. The book I have just finished is about how to get out of a room.

I’ve always loved music and theatre and I enjoy going to the theatre and seeing shows but I hate travelling. I like to go somewhere that’s got something to offer.

I’m always learning new things. I hate the idea of the “comfortable” life so any help or assistance, I’m always like, “Oh, they’ll understand me, it’ll be fine.”

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