Browsing Seattle: The cafe seats people and sits on top of signs

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This is what happens when somebody leaning over the edge of a coffee shop’s sign posts has their head hairpinned – they’ll have to sit on top of the signs to avoid the bump.

It happens in Seattle at a coffee shop which was built in 1922 on a cobbled street called Second Avenue, where some of the buildings were built around 1904.

The cafe now has six stories and 47 seats. Each window is a homage to a different Seattle landmark: bus, tram, building, architectural painting and others.

It was for this reason that owners Gary and Sandi Ott started to table-top tea while they wait for customers. They painted cushions in a coffee shop style with colours and patterns. They are normally hung on the surface of the signs, which are available for people to sit on.

The signs also have four “bench” placed at the end of each window. These are keyed doors, attached to a framework with metal caps.

It appears that people in the US country keep and repurpose them. Sometimes friends and families will hang tables onto them.

After several decades, the cafes owners decided to put the sign posts in storage.

The two are now back up and everyone seems to enjoy their new home. In addition to the tables, the store now has coffee, food and drink items.

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