Blood Moon 2015: the brilliant spectacle that will sweep Britain today

The moon will be bathed in a blood-red glow as the Earth, sun and moon align this morning

The Perseid meteor shower promises to be a show for the ages.

The Perseids are an annual shower of the shooting stars, shot up from the Earth’s dusty debris trail. Many observers, however, enjoy watching the sky for the total meteor showers. And a spectacular meteor shower occurs when the Earth crosses the path of the Perseids.

While the Perseids occur every year, this year’s is particularly spectacular, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson, the director of the American Museum of Natural History.

“You have this year’s Perseids – the most prolific in 165 years – adding to the mind-stretching scale of the cosmic cosmic burden we stand to bear. The supercharged Perseids will leave their mark this month in the most striking fashion the night sky has offered for more than a half-millennium,” he wrote.

In fact, the night sky has so awesomely large a scale that it is being used to measure the moon.

Observatories around the world will host eclipse parties today so the Earth will move between the sun and the moon, producing the so-called Blood Moon, which coincides with the summer solstice.

This lunar eclipse will only last for two minutes, not counting the 45 minutes it takes the moon to complete the course. Some of the photons of sunlight that have only as much energy to travel as Earth’s atmosphere will cause the moon to come into view in a crimson hue.

There will be a second eclipse during the month of August, however, and both will be less than half the length of today’s blood-red spectacle.

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