World Rowing Championships 2018: Matt Hutchins takes video diary

Matt Hutchins: In the dark, on the other side Halyna Hutchins lay in her coffin, as she took her final breath.She was 30. Her husband, Matt Hutchins, was there on her side as she lay her. Her headstone, page 81 – a photo of the couple on a beach, celebrating Halyna’s birthday, side by side. Halyna and Matt met in the pub, in June 2008; they were first married in Ireland a year later. From that happy start in Dublin, Halyna and Matt flew round the world with two of their children, their happy family life abruptly shattered, when she passed away in hospital, on June 12, 2010. Halyna’s family found comfort in each other, in Europe and in Ireland.Matt Hutchins is the president of the Lawn Rowers Association of Ireland and has been for the past 10 years.He started the funerals company after attending one for another former rower, Tommy Colvin, when he died.Following Halyna’s death, I wrote an article about a donation he was doing for charity – which started the craze of funeral home foundations. He now sponsors his local rowing club as well as the Irish team for the World Cup event. He has raised over €200,000 for organisations like the Irish Cancer Society and Lyrical Cancer Research.Matt hasn’t ridden a boat since 2005, but at the World Rowing Championships he’s represented Ireland at the men’s foil and will compete in the same event at the World Rowing Championships.

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