Vets On Why The Covid Vaccine Is Not Safe For Dogs

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Next to our children, pets are one of the family members that we hold closest to our hearts. Like children, pets can be abused, neglected and abused again. This often results in healthcare professionals and veterinary experts to monitor for signs of abuse in pets. Although incidents of animal abuse are on the decline, there is still a surge of pet neglect and animal abuse issues. One solution is the Covid vaccine which is used in humans to prevent rabies. However, these types of vaccines are used on animals, but why aren’t they also used to help pets? There are many reasons why this is not done. Although this is a great way to protect pets, in some cases the vaccine may do more harm than good.

According to the College of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, the benefit of a Covid vaccine for dogs lies in exposing dogs to the virus in early life and subsequently preventing a lot of the virus from spreading. The vets claim to be able to vaccinate dogs without showing any level of toxicity. According to the Prevent Food Allergies at Play award funded by the FDA, two of the main concerns surrounding vaccination are the use of the Covid vaccine and it’s possible source of toxins. Unfortunately, with the Covid vaccine, the medication is also sometimes placed on the young brains of puppies. This causes them to behave abnormally, thus making them highly susceptible to another disease. So why don’t we have the Covid vaccine for dogs?

In the 9 months since this vaccine was released, 12,777 dogs were vaccinated with this vaccine. Of the 12,777 dogs vaccinated, 111 of them tested positive for rabies virus. No matter what, rabies is a serious disease and it requires a long period of recovery to become vaccine-free. Of the 11,861 dogs that were vaccinated, 12 were at risk for rabies. However, 7 of these 12 dogs were vaccinated against rabies and successfully contracted the disease from rabid people. For dogs vaccinated against rabies in this time frame, these dogs probably experienced their lifespan shortened by an average of 2.5 years. Most of these dogs would never have been exposed to rabies in the first place. Although the incidence rate of this vaccine is very small, at 12% it is still hard to say that the vaccine is safe.

Nonetheless, the Covid vaccine is being used for humans to protect them from rabies. We need to look at the little details that are overlooked. If the vaccines aren’t in good supply then how do we make sure our pets are protected? Doctors and veterinary clinics need to be open to the possibility of acquiring the vaccine from the public and not strictly on an institutional basis. Everyone needs to be responsible for their animals and that includes the owners of children and pets.

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