Tourists apparently attacked in the Colosseum, broken pane of glass among injuries

For one group of tourists, some capes served as cover.

A group of 45 Chinese people started an ugly fight inside the Colosseum early Thursday morning, culminating in the group breaking a pane of glass, police said.

According to Reuters, tourists from the country had turned their backs to the Colosseum to catch a glimpse of the statue of Jesus Christ. A group of five Chinese, three of whom were wearing hats, jumped out of their panda suits and began harassing bystanders inside the Colosseum, where the stone archways were crushed in a construction project to create a circular, three-tiered walkway. As the exchange continued, the group apparently slammed their panda suits to the ground and began kicking them.

The group then began punching a group of Italian women, and an officer from the Rome police arrested one of the men for suspected assault.

Italian photographer Giuseppe Casati was one of the guests in the Colosseum that was targeted by the Chinese group, which included people wearing sweat suits and hats as well as panda costumes.

“No, I did not see a fight breaking out,” Casati told the Associated Press. “It is scary because they were running and jumping. I heard people say they were yelling in Chinese. It was chaotic.”

Luxury hotel Le Meridien, where the group stayed in the next hotel building over, defended the Chinese group, saying in a statement that they were part of an “educational tour” and that the group was “well-behaved and had respectful behavior.”

“The matter has been handled in accordance with [Italian] procedures and appropriate action has been taken.”

One of the Chinese men suffered a cut on his head, but no tourists or other people were seriously injured. It is not clear if any of the Chinese men involved in the altercation have been arrested.

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