The battle for Katyn Forest

CNN international correspondent Paul Birch reports from the Katyn Forest in Poland, where around 30,000 Soviet Red Army soldiers were murdered in 1940 by Polish Nazis after Stalin repressed a plot to kill him.

* * *

Two simple agreements mean that one prime example of Europe’s old Cold War confrontation, Poland and Belarus, each sees the other as an enemy.

Poland and Belarus are by far the most neighborly of Europe’s three ex-Soviet nations, and the border dispute between them has been stoked repeatedly by diplomatic spats.

One disagreement concerns the location of a disputed border, with the Polish government insisting that it goes over the route taken by Red Army troops who marched from there across the Chornobyl nuclear reactor site in Ukraine in 1940, to murder a contingent of Polish Red Army officers.

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki argues that the treaty was concluded without his government’s consent, and underpins the reason for his regular visits to Warsaw to argue for a resolution.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has called for a resolution, using increasingly Cold War language.

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