Suzanne Martin ‘Wheel of Time’ Cressida and The Sword of Gage

Play Audio Clip Listen to audio clip. The opening credits of “Wheel of Time: The TV Series” are a masterful commentary on the Odyssey of the soul: a gigantic record of repeated chases, mistakes, and lost heroes. The medieval fantasy series takes place in a kingdom with very little reason for existing. The nearly 300 episode series has been titled “Run” on Netflix, and it seems fitting. These nights will fill you with a sense of community and social control. The battle is eternal; time is spread too thin; and a cataclysmic will should very soon, plunge the countryside into hell.

When an increasingly pissed off Prince Miraz convinces Cressida (Amber Benson), the pretty, newly crowned Princess of Gaotsala, to take her place at the head of the throne, her father and all the characters in town respond accordingly. Cressida is the ultimate bait and switch, played to the hilt by Benson and actor Tyrone Huntley. The Indian-born Rachel Keller is equally compelling as the upstart Lady Lyria, and she becomes Lila’s chief rival in this raucous tale. Gaining a reputation as the Wicked Queen, Lyria rides the rails of society, and she wields the Yellow Death (Crispus Allen) as a deadly weapon. In her quest to take over power in the kingdom, Lyria causes more of an inconvenience for Cressida than it is worth.

My only suggestion to know this seven hour epic prior to seeing it is to take a tour of the “Star Wars” streaming site in between discs. Following a bit of a detour, you will enter this world at it’s own pace. Welcome to “Wheel of Time” – it’s a weird, dense, wonderful, and morbid trip.

Grade: B

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