Styling Style – Is it the new logo?

Comes hot on the heels of the £4.5m investment into fashion photographer Shayne Oliver, a former champion surfer who now models bags and scarves for Three’s in Colchester.

Is it the people buying back our clothes, or our clothes buying back us?

“I am not being too hard on the consumers – is it any different to what the children have to do now – do we have to go to the school playground to check if anyone’s been stealing our lunches? I don’t think it’s any different. We’ve got to show customers we are a human being and not a product, and here we are making what is essentially an act of kindness.”

CEO of Into the Style Aiden Monaghan

Tom Hunter, a director at Four Wheel Management

Who buys what?

Is this trend here to stay?

“One of the main things that’s important to see is that people should try and follow the trends from seasons to seasons – it’s just another way that fashion is being short-changed.

“In the past you could define it, but now there’s this trend and whatever the next thing is it’s going to be a season later, so you end up getting the old trends over-driven and compressed.”

Somewhere at a superstore somewhere there’s a buyer – how has the fashion buying process changed in the last year?

“It’s the very same process. We all can enjoy and get it right and one day you’ve got it right and you are very successful in getting it right, then the next thing happens and somebody else gets it right and you don’t get it right. It’s just the way the industry moves.

“What’s important to come to a conclusion is that nobody buys the fashion product in the way that you think people buy fashion products. It’s highly contextualised. It’s not anyone going out and buying the price-per-package.

“You’re only buying it if it’s exciting to you, because the amount of product that is in the market and in existence, there’s nothing out there that will be exciting to you. You’ve got to have the appetite and the target, and then if you have that threshold it should be something that you go for.”

What about a bad season?

“A bad season for me would be when no-one seems to be working on it.”

“The stuff that doesn’t work is sometimes why it is the product that doesn’t work. Like any industry there are certain seasons where it doesn’t work.

“My advice is be creative. We’ve had seasons with twice as many colours and yet the quantity went down. A lot of people forget that it’s about the quantity of things not the number of things that they produce.”

You can pick up a Style Blue Carpet at Selfridges this weekend for a donation of proceeds to Save The Children for the kids in war zones

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