Star is Born & #MeToo: Why Break the Floor pulled out of European dates

Written by Jessi Hempel and Langley Wickens

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Travis Wall (C’est la vie! C’est la vie!), the singer-songwriter of the band Break the Floor, is currently on tour with the groundbreaking hip-hop dance collective Broken Social Scene. The legendary 10 piece ensemble hit the road back in November and left North America in early February. But earlier this month, Break the Floor canceled shows in the following countries: Toronto, Manila, Paris, New Orleans, Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, Boston, Montreal, Hamburg, Santiago, Barcelona, Montpellier, Valencia, Valencia, and Berlin.

Several European shows were also rescheduled, including the Sydney date in March and the four shows in Quebec at the end of February. While not exactly a full-scale hiatus, the postponements were offered in light of “recent circumstances and legal proceedings” and due to Wall “being unavailable”. There were no details on the nature of the personal circumstances, but Variety cites unnamed sources that allege the songwriter was accused of sexual misconduct by a former model.

The models’ complaint came to light in mid-February. More details were to be revealed on TV’s “The Real” as well as social media. On Wednesday, Wall’s 19-city U.S. tour was also re-scheduled, with the venues and new dates confirmed. According to a break the floor representative, the hit-making group “find[s] time to always offer support to anyone in need. The organizers of the other dates, the clubs, made the decision to reschedule these shows so that Travis and the group could give the special performances that they always offer.” The original plans have also been reiterated.

In the immediate aftermath of the drama, Break the Floor made a public apology, saying, “we know things have gotten a bit out of control, and we apologize.”

Have you ever had this experience? Were you surprised to find out you were being sexually harassed? Who would you take action against? We have a first look at our round-up of “Top Women Who Stand Up For Others” on 6A!

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