Seven Asia program showcases Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam

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CNN’s Seven Asia Program explores some of the most inspiring and fascinating destinations around the world with two new documentaries.


WASA International Airport (also known as Vietnam’s Yangon International Airport) is a route that for a long time looked almost too distant from Hong Kong and Singapore’s private airport runs-up, writes Sarah Foster , who recently visited Vietnam . In the documentary “A Shadow of Yangon,” the two-time Emmy Award-winning reporter explores the prevalence of opium poppy farms in the region and the drug trade within.

Saigon is a city that has been at the heart of both East and West, due to the pivotal role played by both French and American rulers.

The Chinese-ruled city was occupied in 1879 by both French and American agents who became responsible for the shaping of a host of new ideas into the image of the city.


CNN’s Seven Asia Program visits Changi Airport in Singapore, says Hugh Ross, with current problems and hopes for the future.

“What you love about Singapore for me is the idea of the old and the new merging into a new identity,” said CNN travel editor Hugh Ross. “I think Singapore is a city that’s able to bridge a lot of these aspects.”

For many, the thriving port city of Singapore owes its fame to the role it played during World War II as a transit port for Allied troops.

Today, it continues to flourish as a tropical island setting.


A haze made its way over Taiwan’s capital city Taipei, the night before CNN’s Seven Asia Program visited the city.

The country suffered poor visibility across the entire island due to a persistent haze, a byproduct of coal-burning power plants.

“It was an incredibly beautiful spot and … even though it was raining, it was pitch black. It was very eerie,” said reporter Brian Barrett.

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