Ontario government to investigate allegations against pathologist Dr. David Chen

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TORONTO, ON – A coroner’s inquest into three unexplained deaths involving provincial pathologist Dr. David Chen was delayed and controversy surrounding his conduct has now reached the Ontario government.

“We are investigating allegations that Dr. Chen participated in multiple unsubstantiated and incomplete investigations on behalf of the Ontario Medical Association,” ministry of health and mental wellness spokesperson Kelly Donnelly told Inside Edition.

Premier Doug Ford announced Feb. 7 a full investigation of “the disclosure standards of doctors, including members of the OMA.”

Ford’s move comes after more than a dozen of Dr. Chen’s former colleagues and patients have demanded a full investigation of their claims that Chen gave up on unclothed female patients when it did not fit with his reputation as a respected pathologist.

“There is no excuse for not informing students of the culture in the family pathologist community,” wrote Shana Kraskzwinkel, a former OMA board member, in a letter to Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

Dr. Chen’s claims came under heavy fire after the news broke about a death by cardiac arrest at a Toronto hospital, that was initially ruled a result of an unspecified health issue. Days later, that verdict was retracted after new information surfaced.

One of the witnesses raising questions surrounding Dr. Chen’s conduct is Bhuji Patel, whose daughter-in-law Anjali died when doctors disregarded her family’s claims that she had not been properly dressed. The family never learned how she died because of the OMA’s “lack of transparency,” wrote Patel.

Other witnesses described how Dr. Chen did nothing when they shared evidence he should have investigated.

“I think everyone’s just really frustrated and just like, how in the world does this guy, how does this OMA have power when they really shouldn’t have any control?” said Maureen Turner, a mother who also gave evidence in a competing OMA inquest case.

The coroner’s inquest into Dr. Chen’s claims will not begin until September.


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