MLB free agency tracker: today’s MLB trades, news and rumors

MLB trading news focuses on Aroldis Chapman, Lucas Duda and Yasmani Grandal

Our daily MLB free agency tracker is going live, bringing you all the latest news, rumors and trades via our original reporting, analysis and analysis. You’ll be able to filter news by team, player, and MLB rights, as well as a filter on ESPN and Yahoo. We’ll keep updating this tracker throughout the day, and we’ll post headlines and links whenever anything hot comes up.

Major League Baseball’s internal transaction system allows us to add transactions to this Tracker as they are announced. We use confirmation numbers we receive from MLB to build the Tracker. We’re posting these records at 3:00 am ET today as they become public.

The tracker covers free agents and non-uniformed personnel transactions — such as trades.

* National and American teams.

* General managers, coaches, etc.

* Bank accounts for players and teams.

* Players’ and teams’ license and loan fees.

* PGA and PGA Tour tournament revenue.

* Inter-state travel fees and media rights fees.

* Offshore labor fees.

For each transaction, we list the team and total dollars — which can be broken down by dollar amount, team and pitcher.

The teams and players are sorted by teams, meaning all transactions can be filtered by team.

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