Man says thief drove up to him and stole his car from driveway

Kevin Donovan lives in midtown Toronto and has a daughter in law living in Halifax. This week, he left his car running for a few minutes outside his home. He had the remote key system on, so his garage door opener automatically began going down to go to the garage, when he realized his car had been stolen. It was at his unlocked driveway that his car was taken. The thief then fled, and other drivers who drove by the unlocked house saw what was happening. According to @COPSalvador, a 22-year-old was arrested this afternoon for theft of a motor vehicle. — Kinsley MacDonald (@_KinsleyMac) February 21, 2019

Shifting our attention overseas to a car hewing at the moment, Kevin Donovan recounted this story to CNN Canada.

“I do a lot of driving around to work and I do quite a bit of running around.”

He told CTV News he parked his car Wednesday afternoon in midtown Toronto in an open, unlatched driveway.

At around 4:30 p.m., he realized something was wrong. It was running when he woke up and the key was near the ignition.

“The car went to the top of the driveway and then it was gone,” Donovan told CTV.

But it wasn’t just off the driveway, it was out of the car.

A man tailed Donovan, apparently determined to catch him and to steal his car.

“We are fortunate and fortunate to say that our parking sensor in the garage itself captured and e-mailed a picture of the thief within five minutes of the theft to me, so it enabled police to connect the suspect who had followed the car to a specific spot and was waiting for the victim to exit his car,” said Donovan.

By driving to the more populated area, the thief came away with the total loss of $6,000.

Donovan told CTV “not only was it a big deal for me because of the financial aspect of it, but now there are kids that are going to see a car that they were following getting stolen and then it’s from Canada to the Middle East,” he said.

His message to whoever was driving his car?

“If you see this, and you see somebody following you, not only is there the financial aspect of it, but you could very well be accused of a major crime, for not putting your child and your husband in any kind of danger,” he said.

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