Jeremy Renner Talks ‘Southside with You’, New TV Series ‘Wind River’ & ‘The Predator’

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Jeremy Renner is bringing his unique perspective to Southside with You:

“For me, the character of Algren, that’s just who he was. He wrote about them, that’s kind of who I live today, Southside with you. So when I read it, and this is based on his book in North Carolina, I was like, ‘Wow that’s going to be really great!'”

Jeremy talks about the hit Netflix series ‘Friends From College’:

“I also think that it’s really funny, you see their families, it’s very funny. Even if they don’t live in the same city they still have a lot in common, so they’re close friends, but have different styles.”

Jeremy talks about his film ‘Mayor of Kingstown’:

“The Mayor of Kingstown, its about a guy who gets thrown into a bizarre situation, he’s used to being king of the hill. And then after a tragedy occurs on him in his hometown, he then falls in to a quagmire and becomes a human chameleon.”

Jeremy’s new film ‘Wind River’ is now playing in limited release. Renner also has films ‘The Predator’ out this weekend, in theaters Friday the 13th, which he stars in and ‘The Runaways’ coming out on April 19th.

Showtime is airing a TV adaptation of Wind River that co-stars Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, and Kelsey Grammer. (Premieres January 25th, at 9pm ET)

‘Southside with You’ is airing on Netflix. Watch the trailer for this upcoming series that follows the couple on the way to their first date.

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