Greece Puts U.S. Aid Workers on Trial For Helping Migrants Try To Get Into Country Illegally

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A European Commission official says Greece will prosecute aid workers who helped migrants and asylum seekers try to come to the country illegally.

FOX’s Nicole Ducouer reports from the White House in Washington:

Good evening.

Part of it, we’re hearing tonight, was historic. The Greek President Adonis Georgiades began welcoming 45 members of the European Parliament. He’s joined here at the White House, President Donald Trump.

Though only about a dozen people at a time…the migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and others all trying to move from Europe, the Greek president saying that hundreds of thousands have passed through Greece alone, traveling into countries like Italy and Hungary, where they were stopped by border security forces.

Greek President Adonis Georgiades: “Mostly from Syria and other places, mostly Muslim nations and mainly, you know, seeking help in other parts of the world.”

The aid workers on trial are suspected of aiding and abetting illegal migrants entering Greece from Turkey, with the prosecution claiming the migrants were in fact Turkish military and police recruits whose goal is to prevent immigration.

We’re told these migrants crossed over into Europe around 4 or 5 years ago, carrying the Greek flag…says this is a very serious matter.

Nicole Ducouer, FOX News.

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