Flying Clear is Business as Usual

It might be the perfect time to sell your seat. A survey released this week from, an online travel booking site, shows that more than 70 percent of Americans plan to shell out a lot of money to bypass long airport lines this summer.

No new planes are taking off this summer. That means fliers are looking at longer lines, fewer airline seats and a shortage of blankets and food.

Earlier this month, the Senate voted to remove airport security lines and other annoying airport delays from the General Schedule pay schedule.

As a result, a lot of us are stashing our luggage in our vehicles or car trunks rather than check it in at the airport.’s survey finds 31 percent of travelers are prepared to rent a car this summer, compared with just 13 percent last year.

Maybe that’s why we now call them “deadheading” — people leaving the country early to avoid the increased security, delays and longer lines.

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