Every Vine You Need to Hear Right Now

Aside from touting the long run of her beloved Oscar-winning film, Precious, Adele (played by Ms. Perry) is dressed all in black and plays a piano that is rummaging through her wardrobe. The majority of the scene is shot in one long take, and then the camera pans back and forth between Adele’s hand and the piano. It’s a chilling scene and forces the viewer to watch the tragedy from the behind. The song, written by Lukas Nelson and John Ryan, was nominated for an Oscar in 2012.

Today’s “30 Year Anniversary” YouTube stream is also accompanied by a new music video with music by the Chicago-based hip-hop group Thought Gang. According to the MySpace page, the rapper who goes by “TheKidDynasty” drops by the site for the first time to make a special appearance. In the four minute video, think of this as a mashup of all of those scenes from that “30 Year Old Virgin” video over the past two years and is it any surprise that Ms. Perry’s “Diamonds” continues to sparkle over on YouTube? Ms. Perry’s also dropping a lot of social media clues this week for the rest of us to find. We think @AdeleThrowDown sends the best message, but we’ll let you know when they announce which one goes where.

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