‘Cowboy Bebop’ makes a comeback. Are cult favorites worth cult TV revisiting?

The current adaptation of graphic novel “The Crow” is in theaters, and there are many online streaming options. But, based on the number of people who seem to be revisiting “Cowboy Bebop,” there may be room for a new season.

For a part-animated, part-live-action cult favorite, “Cowboy Bebop” immediately reminded me of the Western love affair I developed for “Pacific Rim” upon watching Guillermo del Toro’s film adaptations of the genre. Maybe I’m new to the series, and a more open mind here than when I was a kid. Whatever the case, the cult of “Cowboy Bebop” as a prime source of anime in my youth was solidified.

Now it’s being added to Hulu, adding it to the growing list of cult anime.

There is another cult anime series in the works. As Deadline reported, Hulu is working on a new “Wheel of Time” series. It’s the fourth adaptation of a story in Robert Jordan’s “Thrillionaire” trilogy. The first, this season on Syfy, is set in a world where everyone’s ability to control time is run down to a single, central blade. Sounds a lot like “Jurassic Park.”

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