Country music’s “Cherub” and ‘Grinch” are back

Written by By Cheri Mossburg, CNN

From classics such as “Way Down Yonder” and “Raining in My Heart” to more recent hits like “My Town,” Sharon & Bram have been part of country music’s past and present. And now the album release of their first live performance in more than 30 years is providing a platform for a new generation of fans to be entertained.

One of the most iconic country female duos of all time, Sharon Osbourne and Bram Charters are used to inspiring music fans and reviving careers — especially one’s career — with an unexpected move like this.

Their sixth studio album, “Closer to Home,” is already attracting new fans — and is also creating a new profile for Osbourne and Charters as country music’s future superstars.

With an album set to hit shelves September 14, CNN spoke with the music legends about re-emerging on stage and the young fans the release is now bringing with it.

Who is this album for?

Osbourne: It’s a really great opportunity for folks to get to see what Sharon & Bram do now. It was really great to go back and do the shows live and not write the music and record the music we love, and perform the music we love. It’s a combination of ‘some people say ‘my town,’ but some say “your town.”

And we’re doing this for the people who have not seen us over the years, and they get a chance to get up there and they get to meet the two of us — which was the most exciting thing, because you’re always be curious, you want to meet that people! And we’re not acting people — we actually had a conversation and then performed what we wrote together. It was cool!

What was that like?

Charters: It was the best performance I’ve ever done. We’re really pumped and excited to be back together — we never want to not get back together! We have two children now — our oldest son — and he’s in college.

We had a two and a half week visit in Bonaire, and he was (laughs) on cloud nine.

I don’t know if you know this…

Osbourne: [Laughs] No!

Charters: I have not read it!

But if you didn’t…

Osbourne: I think it would really hit him hard.

Charters: But at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. That’s why it’s so great to be back with the two of us.

How do you decide what the songs are, and get them right?

Osbourne: (Laughs) We have two different styles of music. We like different melodies — we’ve got three kids.

We really watch what the songs say, and we listen to them very carefully before we record.

Do you feel a responsibility to the fans to get it right?

Osbourne: Well, we always try to, but we just don’t ever get the chance, ’cause we’re on the road, and it’s not something we do enough — sometimes we’re not even home enough to even record something because we’ve got to be on the road.

I never thought I’d ever get a chance to do an album, so it’s great! I don’t even know what it’s going to sound like in the studio, but I’d love to see the finished product.

The next schedule will be touring to promote the album. And we’ll probably just take on like any other big tour — 45 shows!

We’re here and we’re not going anywhere…I’m sure they’ll be great audiences … not sold out in the way we are, but we’re going to have the same love and enjoyment.

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