Canada arrests Air Cadet accused of sex assault

By Ahmed Haider, CGTN Africa

MONTREAL, Canada, (CNN) — Police in Canada have arrested and charged a Canadian Air Cadet in connection with a sex assault last year.

The 17-year-old accused is charged with sexual assault and one count of communicating with a child to lure them for the purpose of sexual assault.

The suspect, a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program, appeared in a Quebec court Friday and was remanded in custody, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

A spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program said he was arrested under Section 119(1) of the Criminal Code. “This is clearly a very serious matter which is dealt with according to the law,” Bruce Hunt said.

Charges against the suspect were finalized earlier this week, Hunt said.

Classes for members of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program were to resume Monday. He was due to be “stripped of his cadet status” after the charge, he said.

According to an April 7 report in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, RCMP arrested the suspect last May in California at the US-Canada border.

Hunt said the alleged incident did not occur while the suspect was serving in the cadet program. He did not disclose the timing of the alleged incident and could not comment further on the condition of the victim.

The cadet program, which dates back to 1935, is administered by the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Association, which was established in 1937. The program, which was recognized by the Canadian government as a means of education and training, encourages children to join its ranks.

It has, however, come under scrutiny. A Scout Scout who was expelled from the program after helping a girl who was being sexually assaulted on a boat in May 2017, caused the program to be suspended for a month.

The boy’s father, Kevin Rogan, is fighting to have his son reinstated as a Scout.

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