Biden nominates two new members to national security board


Democratic Vice President Joe Biden nominated two new members to the USP.S. – the National Security and Supplier Security Advisory Board. Secretary of Defense James Mattis called the USP.S. “a premier national security advisory panel” established by Congress to advise him on issues involving national security, supply chain security, and the U.S.P.S. guarantee that essential resources will be available for the Department’s classified mission.

USP.S. Board provides a framework to identify critical roles, require them to be filled, and provide resources to those who serve on the board. The board also works to update Defense Department policies to promote a market based approach to supply chain security throughout the supply chain.

Biden nominated Stephen P. Flood to serve as a member of the board’s board of directors, which evaluates recommendations made by the USP.S. The board also carries out an annual certification program. However, Flood is the first director who has served on the board.

“Flood’s broad experience in the federal government and highly relevant expertise will prove valuable in the board’s role as the U.S. Government’s leading information assurance advisor for the Department,” said Secretary Mattis.

Peter Brown also has served on the USP.S. board. However, Brown is leaving the board this year. Brown made USP.S. a part of his Stanford University residence, but will leave the board due to other obligations, and will not have an interim replacement, according to his spokesperson Craig Stevens.

According to Stevens, the board’s final members will be selected after Mattis completes a proposed tenure extension of USP.S. Board until June 2021.

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