A Song You Will Probably Still Listen To and an App You Can’t Stop Listening To

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Christmas has passed, but these songs and rituals may not be completely forgotten.

FOX’s Lilian Woo has ‘FOX Country’:

The Little Lad here from Arizona is back!

“Little Ladie’s Christmas Presents” written by Little Ladie, as in “little” in length. A polka version, the song is a family favorite, one that Little Ladie’s mom told me that’s one of the kids’ favorites too. The sounds of the buzzing crooning are unlike any other, over playfully upbeat, upbeat songs, this is a stand-out song from Little Ladie’s album titled “Wish You Were My Sister,” the first album from littleladie featuring songs, lyrics and melodies written by Little Ladie.

Also this week, my country says Sweet Dreams are Made of These…

Join country legend Emmitt Smith at the Screen Junkies Studio when he hosts the all-new, THE SMITHS: TWO-SEASONS-IN-COMINGDOWNTOWN, following the fresh, hilarious one-hour return of FOX’s INSIDE THE NFL on Sunday, January 13 at 7:00 PM ET/PT. SMITHS: TWO SEASONS-IN-COMINGDOWNTOWN follows the 10 finalists of SMITHS DREAD: THREAT OF CENSORSHIP, an Emmy Award-winning reality series that examined the artist treatment of artists and the strange family dynamic.

In other news, here in the courtroom (really), a judge in NYC has declared an app to be the equivalent of Porn.

As for my country says call it performance art, season after season, and sure to please everyone who follows the “Taylor Swift Is More Famous Than You,” “Taylor Swift Is Basically an Awesome Human Being,” news channels and even Kanye’s PR people use various clips and photos from 1989, 1992 and… ya know … every aspect of her life… pretty incredible, considering, lets be honest, she’s a multi-platinum recording artist, a successful fashion designer, a powerhouse of an entertainment entrepreneur and more.

Now I’d say, didn’t Fox News Channel just won the most January viewers of any channel in cable TV history? They just did, and this week’s most popular TV news program, is going to be Kellyanne Conway’s hit show called, “Why Won’t People Stop Following Taylor Swift?”

We will all know the answer to that question, when they get to know all of the Taylor Swift’s lyrics that never make it on to her hit singles.

And I’d also like to say Happy New Year!

Love FOX Country!

P.S. I could hear you’re salivating to get your hands on more Little Ladie’s Christmas Presents because they’re now streaming exclusively on Spotify.

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P.P.S. I know, the song is that great, but trust me, you’d rather know why this woman you watch every Sunday, is spending every day of the week chasing her dreams! And by the way, congratulations on your big, 18th year in television, Ty, and one more thing, I have to mention that this new song “Christmas is Christmas!”, should be streamed exclusively on Spotify from your new label partnership with Sony Music. Who doesn’t want that right?


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