3 Surprising Benefits of Eating Peeled Fruit

One thing that I always hate doing, and do it only on specific days of the week, is cleaning up my cut-up fruit and vegetables. Apparently this annoying little activity is called “grooming the plate”. And part of the reason why I dislike this activity is because I despise fruit. Probably because it is the only thing my fruit selection comes down to in terms of consistency, nutritionally, in terms of other fruit types, etc.

I could go on for a bit more, but if I do I will completely waste the time, words and thoughts of this article, so instead I will simply offer this simple conclusion: Let it go. Get over it. Most importantly, get over all the “what if” scenarios.

I believe these things you wish to avoid do not matter so much (for your health or diet). What matters more is the nutrition information on the label: how much is in each item, how it is labeled, etc.

If you are reading this article because you are thinking that the “what if” scenarios are quite important (literally my name,”guru”, and not just me, it’s my line of work) I have some advice to give you: Don’t believe everything you read about what foods are bad for you, where they are contained, etc. Even when the label says something to the effect of “good for you”. Because you never know what it means. Do you? Do you remember the “before” and “after” pictures of all the things in your freezer that are probably not going to come in handy for you in one way or another, once you are done getting your food? Do you remember that once you put something in your freezer it becomes hard to get out of it, like an obstacle course, like a game of Guitar Hero, or like those tuna melts, or the herbs, it’s in there, and you can’t get it out. Just try and imagine not eating a foreign object, or a pet or a child or an adult for that matter, for sometime, and how this will impact your life: It will change the way you see things, think, interact and reason.

So, take my advice; The amount of broccoli one eats matters little compared to a stable diet. Eating the right things, depending on the nutritional information provided, but the health and well-being of your body, your mind, your abilities, will be more important than anything else. Any problem with your stomach? Make sure that before you eat garlic, to not choke.

Good health for all.

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