20 Delicious Quotes On Twitter: #20For20

On Nov. 7, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg will declare victory and move to seek the Democratic nomination for president.

In anticipation of this huge win, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had recently bankrolled a $5 million ad buy in support of Buttigieg.

“I’m excited that Mayor Buttigieg, a former Rhodes Scholar and Navy SEAL, is running for president,” Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat, said in a statement on Aug. 20. “Democrats can’t win if they nominate a weak and inexperienced nominee who will have a hard time getting the nomination in 2020 because we have too many #NeverTrumpers in the party. We must nominate someone who can win.”

Buttigieg, 30, sees Bloomberg’s interest in him as the continued onslaught of establishment Democrats joining the miasma of white, male, cis, non-voting establishment Democrats whom he views as obstacles to his campaign.

It is a bit too soon to say definitively whether Buttigieg can win in 2020, or even whether he has a shot to emerge from the Democratic field of progressive, liberal candidates, but one thing is certain: He is a man of steely resolve who is unafraid to speak out against perceived enemies.

Now that the long-time mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has acknowledged his run for president, it’s time to look for Peter Buttigieg’s biography. Read below for 20 anecdotes about the future candidate we think you will love:

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